We Help Owner Operators and Trucking Companies Connect with Best Paying Freight Brokers in the Industry
By Implementing TriHaul Principles


We have been providing low-cost freight dispatching services to independent owner operators and carriers over the years and determined our services provided to our carriers do not compare in any way to what is on the market. We set ourselves apart in offering the full package deal for self-starting carriers.

We assist carriers with dispatching services, marketing materials: uniform printing, flyers, decals, fuel cards, notary services, and all the back office support and training materials needed to start a trucking business. No need to search any longer, we are truly your one stop shop to all your trucking needs!

We make freight moves look easy using our most professional dispatchers who are experienced with being a support for our carriers. From transport to delivery our dispatchers walk alongside our carriers making sure the freight they carry is smoothly transitioned from beginning to end. We pride ourselves in working together as a family, with one common goal in mind “Seeing your Today, Tomorrow Solutions.”

Freight Types

We support various freight types such as SPECIALIZED FREIGHTS, FLATBEDS, REFRIGERATORS, HEAVY HAULS, DRY VANS, and Box Trucks and we pledge to ensure their safe & timely delivery.

BROKER NETWORK We have an extensive network of different brokers, including INDEPENDENT TRUCKING SHIPPERS, GOVERNMENT CONTRACT DISTRIBUTORS  and PRIVATE SHIPPERS . Additionally, we grant an opportunity to other independent store owners to collaborate with us.

Reasons To Use Our Professional Freight Dispatchers

We understand the complexity of handling freight on an individual basis and recognize transporting freight and managing all the back office requirements, while yet acquiring profitable loads which we know are extremely critical to the success of a trucking company. Which is why we collaborate with leading freight brokering companies on your behalf who will help optimize your business effectively.

Exposure to logistical industry

People are often unfamiliar with the logistic industry & logistical freight solutions. Here at CY Global Connects we are familiar with many of your needs in the transportation industry and know how to get things done smoothly in a seamless manner. You have professionals working on your behalf from load pickup to load delivery and even the downtime making sure you are maintaining all trucking standards and requirements. We are you logistic industry experts connecting you to reliable brokers and freight to keep you on the road all while helping to alleviate the stress that is often associated with handling back-office duties!

Pocket more money with the right choice

Our associations with reputable freight brokers allows us to negotiate on your behalf. Don’t get trapped with a load which makes you pull from your pocket, but allow CY Global Connects to connect you to the right opportunities which brings money to your pocket not away! We finalize every deal with fair prices for the freight you will be hauling. We look out for you is our bottom line objective!

Unbeatable customer service agents

Dedication to customer’s requirement and specialty. We work on your behalf to help catapult your business to your desired expectations. We don’t just dispatch for our carriers, we become a listening ear, friend, coach and motivator to help you accomplish all your trucking dreams.

We rid you of all freight transportation complexities

CY Global Connects settles all your freight transportation complexities professionally with years of expertise in the logistical market. Freight transportation involves so many complex steps like finding a reliable broker, loading of commodities, legal billing, delivering on destinations & unloading, fee transactions, etc, all of which our professional freight dispatchers have the ability to rid you of this discomfort. We help manage all your freight managerial affairs efficiently.

Time-saving with professional freight dispatchers

Freight transportation requires continuous effort & time of carriers. By focusing on transportation affairs all the time, you can’t get enough time for other chores. Handing over all your freight management affairs to professional freight dispatchers helps to save your time. Life is short, and so are the moments spent with family often are, from devoting so much energy and time handling back-office duties when you can simply outsource the task to our team to assist you.

How We Do It

CY GLOBAL CONNECTS is associated with top and reputable broker individuals and companies to ensure carriers’ utmost satisfaction. The company builds a reliable and long-lasting relationship with the customers and accountable for all the transactional dealings between shippers & carriers. We responsibly help our carriers move freights across long & short routes in a consistent manner irrespective of seasonal effects or changes. 

CY GLOBAL CONNECTS collaborates with the drivers highly trained with logistical freight solutions and techniques. Our freight dispatchers organize the most suitable delivery solutions based on your provided information about your preferences and equipment type. We are open to connecting with reliable individual carriers, brokers, owner operators and skilled drivers intended to partner for a long term success and profitability. Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 for ultimate guidance related to logistical freight solutions.

Trucks We Serve

How Does CY Global Connects Services Stand Out?

With over 20 years of experience in the industry we understand how difficult this industry can be. When traveling over the road or staying locally you want someone you can trust negotiating your loads. CY GLOBAL CONNECTS represents YOU, the driver, and your company. We want to ensure you get the best rate possible on every load. Our team is here to help with all your back office needs from finding a load to collecting payment. Here are some of the many services we offer to you:

  • Negotiating pricing
  • Booking loads
  • Collecting payments
  • Invoicing
  • Assess areas for profit
  • Making appointments
  • Sending out PODs and BOLs
  • Fill out broker packets
  • Pre-Qualification of Government Contracts

Get all this for a flat fee of 10% per load. There are no hidden fees or extra costs for any of our dispatching services! Work independently under your own MC with the support of a large team! Our team can instantly send Rate cons, so you can start on your next load. Eliminating waiting time before you get your next load. CY GLOBAL CONNECTS will ensure your next load is booked. With the driver shortage we have leverage to negotiate top dollar per mile.

Through Our Services

Through our open lines of Communication we create a line of transparency with a mission to keep freight moving at a fair cost to our independent owner operators and carriers.

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