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CY GLOBAL CONNECTS Dispatching Member services were established with the vision to introduce the most flexible logistical freight solutions in the market. We aim to eradicate the obstructions & complexities linked with the effective delivery of commodities.We


The company is on a mission to make freight dispatching more manageable and more affordable than in the past. We are committed to simplifying the complexities of freight transportation at flexible rates exclusively. Our experts are committed to ensuring the end-to-end integrity and transparency of offered services. We pledge to ensure transactional integrity by sustaining the core values of the company.

We pride ourselves in helping owner-operators and small trucking companies manage the back office aspects of running a trucking company. Most dispatchers specialize in only certain services, while some provide end-to-end services.


Here For Your Every Need

Load Negotiation

Setup with New Brokers & Paperwork

Certificate of Insurance


Detention, layover, Tonu Assistance

Brokers Credit Check


HOS Assistance

We help with the following dispatching services:

  • Finding loads
  • Assigning loads and managing drivers
  • Managing motor carrier compliance
  • Providing customer service
  • Handling billing and collections
  • Building Relationships for Future Routes
  • Market Analysis, Recommendations for Route Planning and Lanes
  • Factoring Invoicing
  • Safety & Compliance Updates

These are all important services to help you stay focused on the road and not the paperwork. CY GLOBAL CONNECTS allows you continue to work independently under your own MC while receiving support of our company. While many charge a percentage which is your basic dispatching services being rendered to the driver; we are committed to also “PREQUALIFYING” our independent drivers for government contracts to boost their business. We pride ourselves in working hard for the carrier while maintaining a family repoire with each new client relationship. With a simple 10% fee per load, we run many of your back end needs in addition to prequalifying our clients for government contracts.

Years of Experience
Completed Projects



Using in-depth experience and knowledge with the latest freight management technologies, we match brokers freight needs with the best carrier for the position.


Our agents have come from extensive backgrounds of logistics and shipping, so they understand how important it is to get commodities moved safely and efficiently all while putting our professional independent owners in a position to win and return home to their families safely.


As professionals we are engaged from beginning to end with the understanding that there is more to moving freight than just placing it on a trailer at any cost.


Our innate quality comes from having a set standard in which we operate under as a business to please our clients.


Our quick response jumps into action not only when receiving phone calls or emails, but when our clients and carriers have a problem that needs attention at that very moment.


Our focus is to stay ahead of the issues within the industry to keep our carriers abreast of situations which may arise, and we do this through continuous education so that our agents and dispatchers are well connected to our carriers.


We don’t charge a monthly fee or force you to take unwanted loads. You get to maintain your freedom to choose which loads work best for you.

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